Yggdrasil, the leading global online content publisher, in partnership with Avatarux released its new hit Papayapop from YG Masters with favorite fans with Popwins mechanics.

Inspired by the AR-Deco epoch, hit with high volatility – this is the latest game from the PopWins series from Avatarux, in which the winning characters “disappear”, and their place is taken by two more, and the drum can increase to six characters in the basic configuration.

To activate the mode of unlimited free spins, all drums should achieve their maximum height of six characters, and three rotations are provided to players. For each winning rotation, the counter is reset. During a bonus round, with each new rotation, the multiplier increases by 1 time compared with the base level 2 times.

Before the mode of free spins, players have the opportunity to play unlimited free spins. The victory in the game gives players a higher starting factor and higher starting drums, and losing the game negates free spins.

Papayapop is the last slot released by Avatarux as part of the YG Masters program, which has released one of the first games in the program, Lilth’s Inferno, before the release of the popular Popwins series.

Stewart McCarthy, Head of Products and Programs Yggdrasil, said:

“Avatarux continues to create an exciting, fascinating content for the YG Masters program, and we are pleased to facilitate the launch of the latest version of POPWINS. Papayapop combines an exciting topic with fantastic mechanics, and we will not wait to see how it will appeal to players from the whole network. “.

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