You can increase your chances to win roulette, simply applying a small strategy. However, there is no golden rule that would provide a guaranteed gain.

One Zero – the key to success

The first rule of the game roulette is very simple – every additional cell on the wheel reduces your chances of winning. In other words, the more cells, the higher the chance of losing. At that time, in the European and in French roulettes, 37 cells (one zero), in the American 38 (two Zero). Thus, your chances of winning are significantly increasing if you play one of the first two roulettes – French or European.

Remember types of bets

Variety of types of rates – one aspect of a roulette game, making it such an exciting and exciting game. There is no such bet that confidently could boldly name the best choice for all players. Nevertheless, it is worth learn about the rules, payments and probabilities of each type of bets, the study of which is the key to success. It is worth remembering that during the game you can make bets immediately into several cells, which makes the roulette even more attractive for players. Excellent example of such a bet, when you put a large amount per cell and minimal to another.

Play for free

If you are a novice, do not miss the opportunity you provide online Casino – try to play roulette for free. It will give you some practice that will help when playing money. Then, when you feel confident enough, you can move on and start playing your own real money, feeling all the excitement and pleasure from the real game of roulette.

Try the progressive jackpot

If you want to make big bets, then you should choose a roulette with a progressive jackpot. For victory in this roulette, they are usually advised to put on the same number five times in a row. If you are waiting for a big win, it is definitely worth several large bets. Particularly lucky people won hundreds of thousands of dollars, playing roulette with progressive jackpot.