Five terrestrial casinos have encountered forced measures after assessing their business to the UK Gambling Commission.

It was found that all casinos do not comply with the rules of social responsibility and combat money laundering established by the Commission, and therefore the Commission checks their operational licenses.

After this test, Casino Casino Clockfair Limited and Shaftesbury Casino Limited will have to pay fines in the amount of 260,000 pounds of sterling. Les Casino Limited Casino will pay a fine of 202,500 pounds of sterling, Double Diamond Gaming Limited will pay a fine of 247,000 pounds of sterling, and Casino A&S LEISURE GROUP LIMITED fined 377,340 pounds.

Richard Watson, Executive Director of the UK Gambling Commission, said:

“These disadvantages were identified as part of our permanent desire to raise standards in the entire gambling industry. Each operator must ensure compliance with the existing rules aimed at making gambling safer and prevent them in transformation into a source of crimes “.