The Gambling Commission announced the ban on gambling business allowing consumers to use credit cards for gambling in the UK. The prohibition that comes into force on April 14 follows the review of the commission for gambling online and a government review of slot machines and social responsibility measures.
24 million adults in the UK play gambling, and 10.5 million of them play online. UK Finance estimates, 800,000 consumers use credit cards to play. A separate study conducted by the Commission shows that 22% of online gambling players using credit cards for gambling are classified as problem players, and even more at risk of harm caused.
The prohibition that will apply to all products online and offline gambling, with the exception of not remote lotteries, will provide a significant level of additional protection to vulnerable people.

Neal MacArthur, head of commission on gambling, said: “Gambling on credit cards can lead to significant financial damage. The ban that we declared today should minimize the risk of harm to consumers from the game for money that they do not have. Studies show that 22% of online players who use credit cards are problematic players, and even more suffer from one or another form of dependence on gambling “.