Casino is a pretty nice psychological trap for visitors. Their architectural design, as well as everything is inside the room, are designed specifically to delay the player longer. Some methods have long been known, but you can hear others for the first time. They all play with the psyche of players, relaxing and encouraging people.

1. Let’s say “no” o’clock!

Fewer people now worry wristwatches. But even when there was no mobile phones from anyone, and it was possible to find out only with the help of mechanical watches, a tradition was developed for the ban on the room in the room. The reason is very simple: relaxing for a cocktail or in pursuit of jackpot, a person forgot about time and casino only helped in this. Even now you can never try to ask a dealer “What time?”He also will not have hours. Casino also know that people who come to play most likely are on vacation, which also contributes to the person to care about anything. However, according to the modern rules of the safe game, some casinos still arrange special breaks for recreation players, giving them to understand that they are too fascinated.

2. Lack of windows

For the same reason, there is no windows in the casino. Usually a couple of pieces occurs only near the login or exit. A person involuntarily responds to changes of illumination, which can make him think, is not too bad that he meets the dawn for the game. In addition, what is happening on the street will distract you from games, and in games requiring a lot of concentration, it is already unprofitable to you. Entering the casino, leave the outside world behind – today you came to play.

3. Shine and noise

Casino is full of beautiful and mounted sounds and lights: Call the bells, play melodies, bright neon lights, drums are spinning. It looks like you have already won. All this strongly inspires people to participate in all sorts of games, because who will refuse to feel that the whole of this victorious roar in his honor? All this environment introduces people to some trans-like euphoria. Casino – Great place to raise yourself mood, even if you lose.

4. Atmosphere utya

You noticed how muffled and soft light in the casino? This is done in order to give the institution atmosphere of home comfort, as if you relax in your living room and play with your friends, sitting in your favorite chair. Approximately the same goal on the floor is distilled various carpets. And which patterns on them! They fascinate and please. And the red wall color gives a feeling of security. Moreover, the casino is constantly removed behind the players, because the garbage is also not only unpleasant, but also distracts attention. Casino is the environment in which you want to stay longer.

5. Location of non-chairs

If you want to take advantage of the restroom, eat something or cash your chips, you will have to wander in the depths of the casino. Usually such places are located as far as possible and illogical. This is another attempt to delay you longer than you, because you will have to travel past all these fascinating game tables and automatons by all these fascinating game tables: perhaps you just cashed the winnings and want to experience your luck again. The same principle in the course of shops and supermarkets. Remember how much you have to go before buying bread and how many tempting products will fall along the way.

6. Sensation of the proximity of winning

In addition to the present win, nothing adds to you adrenaline, as a realization that you have practically won the casino. But if these institutions distributed money to everyone who “almost won”, they would have broken in one day. Each game, desktop or mechanical, is designed so that quite often pay you very little winnings, and in the end, you spend on re-attempts even more money, seeing that the cherished jackpot is almost in your hands. In general, players strongly overestimate the chances of Jackpot and “Almost winners” make up most of the players who will come again and again for these sensations.

7. Free offers

Services with discounts or completely free, known as privileges, are another way of delaying people in a casino. Players regularly receive coupons for free snacks, a buffet, show, cards that allow you to win even more prizes, which means go back again and again. From this they feel important personnel, even if they play poorly or do very small bets. Even if they lose, they will have a feeling that in return they got something else and most likely they will return. They are important for gambling establishments, because the overwhelming majority of money bring exactly small players, so for the casino they are even more desirable than people playing in large. Everything is calculated so as to keep them in the casino longer, and therefore they play longer and longer. Whatever free surprises suggest a casino to such people, they still bring reached hundred times more than the cost of these bonuses. It looks like to convince the child to obey you for a long time in return for a cheap toy.

eight. Alcohol

This item can be viewed as part of the previous one, although it deserves separate attention. Although free offers are a simple and easy way to encourage customers, it is possible that it is the most powerful result. Free drink – need a casino for two reasons immediately. First, they are really free. Who, besides the trident refuses this? Waiters with beverage trays will be swaying throughout the institution, treating visitors, with the appearance of the very first casino. No secret why it relaxes and inspires players. Secondly, alcohol makes visitors somewhat scattered. If you play cards, alcohol may interfere with you to make the right move to raise rates at an inappropriate moment. Drunk player will be scattered with his chips to the right and left.

nine. Honoring major winners

Although players for small bets and are important, casino, undoubtedly, want to keep both lovers of large rates. Those who are lucky enough to rip the big kush are honored as kings. Casino make these players such proposals from which it is simply impossible to refuse, as a luxury apartment in a hotel, a spa procedure and T.D. The longer the winners are delayed in a casino or the hotel with it, the more money from their winnings they will inevitably spend there. Of course, the casino is upset for these suggestions, but they know that being near, a person can again go to the casino and spend his winnings in new bets. Winners feel important personnel, but in fact, their money is important. To top it all, the casino receives free and powerful advertising when other players find out how they will be honored when the winnings in a particular institution.

ten. Complex design

From the inside the casino looks like huge maze-anthills, which are specifically designed in such a way that you are lost in them. Sea of ​​slot machines and gambling tables create obstacles that do not allow you to quickly leave the institution. They do not have a logical organization and their goal – confusion. With the same purpose, the same tables and automata are placed in opposite ends of the halls. It seems you remember that you saw the exit near the video poker, and now you are near him, but there is no longer an outlet. This technique plays with the psychology of people who think that if you go on a certain path, it will be easy to return back to. In addition, a huge number of scan and high slot machines are not allowed to explode and additionally disorient players. And after adopted by free alcohol, searching exit is a real adventure.