Toki Time slot machine

Thunderkick loves to amaze a gambling public. Reasonable fantasy brand specialists generates original slot machines, which are no analogs. With unusual characters of a fantastic planet introduces video silos Toki Time. He resembles a children’s cartoon more, so good mood will be provided. The game slot attracts the fact that it does not have a serious plot, over the meaning of which would have to think before it is necessary to make an action. He guarantees a cheerful pastime, will add paints to the gray reality of everyday life.

Characteristics of the Toki Time slot machine

A creative approach is felt not only in the subject of the slot machine, but also the structure. In Toki Time, 5 drums are provided. For their presence indicate vertical series of thematic characters. They are very funny heroes. These are multicolored creatures of an unknown planet. If you look closely, you can see the features of earth animals – cat, hare, chicken, lamas. The set also includes an asterisk and cloud. The uniqueness of the gaming machine is that there is no habitual rotation of the drums. Symbols fly from crater located at the bottom of the screen. To build prize combinations in Toki Time, 11 active lines are provided. Each spin will be favorable in doubly, since the winning combinations line up from left to right and in reverse order. In their composition can be from 3 to 5 identical signs.

Symbols Slots Talk time

Toki Time design fully matches the plot. Rear background fills the landscape of an unknown planet. It consists of hills and stumps, near whose ammother and unusual flowers grow. Since the moon and stars are present, you can confidently say that events unfold at night. Animation effect An important component of the graphic design of the slot machine. Good mood will not leave the participant throughout the game.

To control video silicle there is a minimum set of buttons. They are used for manual starting game and automatic. Before the start, a prerequisite is the choice of the number of loans. The amount can change at the beginning of a new back. Additional custom settings are in the game menu. It indicates the features of gameplay, prizes and pay ratios.

Only one special symbol is valid in Toki Time. This is a wild sign. Expect its appearance only to 2, 3, 4 drums. A limited area of ​​action does not allow him to independently build prizes combinations. His duty is to replace basic characters, thereby contributing to the completion of the winning combination. Wilde feature is that he occupies the whole drum, it follows from this that successful matches will be much more. With the advent of Wild on the gaming area of ​​the machine, the response option is activated. Repeated rotation, the wild mark does not remain on its position. The duration of the bonus option depends on the prize combinations. Its action stops if the spin did not bring the result.