Casino robbery scenes in thematic films often look very exciting and have a rainbow outcome. Nevertheless, reality does not allow us to forget that in life, turn the casino system around the finger – the matter is much less simple and, no matter how unusually sounded in this context, less successful no matter how well the grouping is. Although the story knows when Fortune in this business was still on the side of bad guys.

We have prepared for you the rating of the most iconic casino robbery, which attackers managed to turn terribly successfully. So:

  1. Slip worker.

Notorious Casino Stardust, which now does not function more, it was shocked by events dating from September 22, 1994. Worker of establishment Bill Brenann on that day unhinderedly left the casino hall at the end of the working day, taking with him cash and chips for $ 50,000. 22 years later, Stardust’s secret robbery is still a mystery. Brennan, who has once received sports rates, without the use of any weapons and other potentially dangerous things, the casino robbed a casino in which he worked for 4 years and dismissed dismissed out of sight.

The many robbery of the gambling institutions followed the exposure of criminals, but the location of Bill Brennan still remains a mystery.

  1. Couple.

No, it will not be about Bonnie and Clyde, although something common with the heroes of this story they definitely have. So, some Heather Tolchif, together with his partner, successfully robbed CIRCUS casino in 1993 in the amount of $ 2.5 million. But not everyone was so smooth, as it would be assumed. Guy Heather (Roberto Solis) a few days after the successful completion of the case disappeared in an unknown direction, leaving a partner with her little son with only $ 1000.

  1. Bay and Begu.

Such a defold event casino Mandalay Bay did not quite expect! On March 11, 2005, in the afternoon, the cassier of the institution was under the shower of two unknown pistol. Fortunately, that day cost without shots and affected, however, the attackers successfully took with them the uncountable amount of money.

Be that as it may, in order to decently enriched with the help of a casino, it is not at all necessary to rake. The diversity of modern online slots, video powers, lotteries and other games give an excellent opportunity to enrich without any difficulties and fraud.