The authorities of the city of Yokohama, the most densely populated municipality of Japan, announced that public consultations are beginning for a month for the possible introduction of an integrated resort with a casino if a license for gambling from the Japanese government is obtained.
Reportedly, consultations will be held within a month to receive feedback from the local community in order to form a basis for the formation of a document for the National Government on Development Policy in the region of an integrated resort with a casino. In the construction of such an object in Iokoham, two companies are interested, including the company Galaxy Entertainment Group, which also registered in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, which has been managed by hotels and casinos in Macao and Singapore.
Recall, last year it was announced that Japan will legalize gambling casino, and it was announced that the authorities of this country will give three licenses for the construction of a complex resort with a casino, which will give firms the opportunity to open a representative office in an East Asian country. The term “integrated resort”, also known as IR, is used to describe the main resort real estate, which includes a hotel with a casino, as well as conference rooms, entertainment shows, thematic parks, luxury shops and gourmet restaurants.