The Rise of AI is a new futuristic game on a slot machine from Endorphina manufacturer with 5 drums, 3 rows, 10 payout lines and RTP 96%.

Description of the game The Rise of Ai

It goes 2050 – and the world has just survived a pandemic and is now under the control of artificial intelligence (AI). The world that we once knew disappeared. When AI captured all the power, most people lost their jobs, live behind the poverty line and try to survive. To keep society afloat, sometimes gives money random – doubles winnings of people with a random multiplier.

Raffle takes at random and the whims of AI, multiplies the current winning combinations (if any) for a random number to x50.

Futuristic Slot Endorphina “AI Rise” shows what life will be in a truly anti -taopic cyber world filled with robots, cyborgs, neon lights and many uncertainties. This is a slot machine with 5 drums, 3 rows and 10 payout lines, which includes a random factor function.

Will you save mankind in this cutting slot cyberpunk? Will ii choose you by the winner? Find out in the newest futuristic slot Endorphina.

Details of the game:

  • Barabanov – 5
  • Rows – 3
  • RTP – 96%
  • Payments lines – 10.