If in Japan, an integrated resort casino appears, most likely, it will be located in Yokohama. But the mayor of Fumico Hayashi expresses no more than a neutral position about this.

Despite the appropriate request of the administration, the solutions about the embodiment of the project within exactly the prefecture of Canagaba still not. The mayor is responsible for this that the request did not remain without due attention of the government. She herself will announce its decision only after suspended communication with experts in this field.

Ride the implementation of the project, 22 companies want. 9 of them already have experience working on casino resorts abroad. Reports and remaining documents will be submitted until September 21.

Experts predict that the mayor of Hayasi still approves the initiative, since before the elections in 2017, it responded positively about such prospects. The petition of the Verdict voice came only from Yokohama, whereas for the provision of territory for resorts still, Nagasaki and Osaka are claimed.

Osaka operators themselves seem good alternative to Yokohama. Recent events of the region have not been unpaid of representatives of these companies.