Gamebake – a comprehensive solution for global distribution that allows publishers to easily submit their mobile games to the world – announced the launch of the distribution service for developers and mobile game publishers who want to enter new markets around the world.

The GameBake platform provides infrastructure and knowledge necessary to developers and publishers to publish their games on various high-quality platforms, in addition to Google Play and Apple App Store. The platform available using a single open source SDK includes appropriate advertising, marketing and purchases in annexes standard complete set with a simple income distribution model.

GameBake focuses on four key distribution channels, including alternative app stores (for example, Huawei Appgallery or One Store), social networks (for example, Facebook, Wechat), Internet (for example, game portals, such as Crazy Games) and applications (streaming applications Video Games such as HAGO).

The patented GameBake technology called KILN does not depend on the game development environment, that is, regardless of whether the developers create their games on Unity, Cocos, Unreal Engine or more, they can easily distribute and make a profit via Gamebake. To ensure scalability, publishers can choose from the platform menu to initially publish their IP address and increase it at will.

Mounted gameBake cooperation relationships with leading world platforms mean that they can provide additional support and advice for publishers – for example, according to the pricing model of each store and to ensure that the games are visible to users and sold for them.