APPG is the All-parties of parliamentarians studying the negative impact of gambling, begins a new experiment. What is the nature of the potential influence of games on players – they will find out researchers.

Than gambling online, as influenced by the audience of the individual industry products and with which the most vulnerable potential users are faced (in T.C. Children) – So the basic issues put forward.

Researchers are also going to establish whether the proper effect has all sorts of restrictive tools – the methods of checking age and identification of the personality, the function of self-locking and other.

In order for the experiment to be the most indicative, APPG requires appropriate information statistical data. Provide them called upon scientists, industry workers, the public and public organizations. This information is collected until March 14. More diverse opinions on the issues will help to collect a number of oral sessions.

In the old days, Appg massively fought harm to the abuse of terrestrial gembling. And the modern picture shows that with a change in the format, the virtual problem did not go anywhere.

Caroline Harris, Chairman of the Group and a Member of the Labor Party, reports the massacre of calls with calls for help from users of game Internet resources. Worried appg and attempts to modern bookmakers to lure yourself an audience of former terminal players. The issue of harm from gambling, and in particular – negative influence on children is becoming more and more acute.