SUNSET DELIGHT slot machine

Enjoy a pleasant stay, bring your thoughts in order, to restore mental balance offers Thunderkick in the original gaming machine. He will transfer to the coast where problems will go to the background. Sunset Delight will appreciate ice cream lovers. It is him devoted to video silver. You can enjoy treats in any quantity, and it will not negatively affect the state of health, just the opposite. The more it will be, the better the mood.

Sunset Delight Slot Machine Overview

By its structure, the slot machine refers to classic models. It present 3 drums. 5 lines are provided for the construction of prize combinations. Despite the use of standard parameters, the playground in Sunset Delight looks original. 3 wafer horns are placed on the screen, which indicate the number of drums. They drop out the balls of ice cream pink, yellow, orange, lilac shade, chocolate and various decorations. They are basic characters. Of these, winning combinations are formed. As part of only 3 of the same type of element. Other options are not considered.

Symbols of game slot Evening pleasure

Attracts a gaming slot with colorful design. According to the plot on the screen, a cozy coast is depicted. In the rays of the setting sun sparkles the marine. Purple-pink palette is used to create a positive atmosphere. She relaxes and promotes a pleasant time. On the background are visible attractions, mounted to the public with bright lights. You should hurry on a circus performance. In the foreground is a rack where horns with a cold dessert are towering. Animation improves the visualization of the gameplay, accompanied by a pleasant melody resembling the sound of gramophone.

Set of control buttons in Sunset Delight is the same as all models of this brand. In the right corner of the screen there are buttons for starting the game manually and automatic mode. With them adjacent button change button. In the opposite side there is an additional settings menu. Selecting game parameters is carried out in a new tab, where the payroll table and the rules of the slot machine are also present. Preliminary familiarization with the outlined information will help to avoid difficulties with the game.

Bonus games

The video capacity has symbols with advanced features. Wild sign falls on all positions of the game field and independently constitutes prize combinations. Its obligations include the replacement of missing pictograms. Attention and waffle triangle is scatter. His appearance in the gaming machine provides the launch of a bonus round. Bonus Game passes in the format of free rotations that run automatically. Signs – STEP and SPIN are added to the freakins, and multipliers are used. With the advent of the first, the drum, where he fell, scrolled into one position. This increases the multiplication ratio by 1 indicator. It will be multiplied by the received payment. Spin helps extend free rotation. Each new element adds 1 spin.

Risk game in Sunset Delight is missing, but this slot machine does not lose its uniqueness, providing participants frequent victories.