Since the gambling market in Spain continues to grow, there is also an increase in the number of people dependent on gambling in this country. In his desire to withstand the growing threat, the regulatory body of gambling in Spain DGOJ decided to change the approach to this problem, stating that it considers this problem as a mental disorder.
As reported, the Spanish gambling control company has updated its program of responsible games for 2020, which states that from now on, problem gambling will be classified as a mental disorder. New measures have been approved by members of the Advisory Board for Responsible Games (CAJR) and will take effect in the coming months. Spanish gambling regulator will also release a list that will help in identifying problem players.
In DGOJ, they reported that after the number of people encountered problems in gambling problems would be easier to adapt policies to a growing threat of gambling addiction, as well as evaluate the social influence of relationships from gambling. The gambling regulator also confirmed that he would conduct a detailed study of the overall registry of access to gaming prohibitions (RGIAJ), a list of self-slip.