Ultra Burn slot machine

Ultra Burn – Gaming Slot from Pragmatic. The machine has a classic stylist. It uses a set of standard game characters. Also in the machine there is a simple structure, there are uncomplicated rules for the formation of prize combinations. But at the same time, the game video surplot has a fiery design that uses modern graphics. It also provides easy-to-use control panel. She makes the gameplay more convenient. There are no bonus rounds in the machine, there are also no symbols with advanced features. And the theoretical rate of return funds is 96.62%.

General description of the game machine Ultra Burn

The name of the gaming slot is reflected in its appearance. After launching the Ultra Burn gaming machine, gamers will see bright orange flames that are depicted on a contrasting dark background. These illustrations are qualitative and drawn in detail. They serve as a background for the gaming field of the machine, which occupies the main place on the screen. The Logo of Game Video. Large letters of the words Ultra Burn also flame fire. They are decorated with different fruits, berries and other classic for the first gaming machines image.

The slot machine has a standard structure. It uses the minimum number of playing glasses – 3. Also operates a small number of game lines for payments – 5. All game lines in the machine are active by default, so the gamemer will not change this indicator. Together with the game drums, they form special cells, in which prize marks will appear during the drawing. On each playing drum there are 3 such positions.

The game slot does not provide symbols with advanced features and bonuses. Therefore, only basic pictograms arising during the main gaming tours will bring winnings. In total, Ultra Burn provides 5 such signs. Despite the fact that all of them are represented by classic images, each of them is qualitatively drawn and looks bright. This is a seven, a sign with the inscription bar, lemon, orange, plum, cherry and sign x. Each symbol is endowed with its coefficient affecting the final size of the award. Therefore, the most profitable of them is a seven, and the least valuable – symbol x.

Create winning combinations All these images will also be according to traditional rules. To do this, you need to have several identical signs on one game line. Identical pictograms should be next to each other. And the chain created by them will start on the first game cell on the left. In one game rotation there may be some successful sequences. To determine the size of the prize, the bid is multiplied by the coefficients of symbols from a successful combination.

How to manage the Ultra Burn slot machine

Before starting the gameplay, you should familiarize yourself with the navigation pane of the machine. It is at the bottom of the screen, consists of standard buttons. To adjust the size of the rates on the game spin, you need to use the left button. There is also a key that opens the information section. The rules of the Ultra Burn slot machine are written in it. There is also a button that will open the category with user settings. To activate the gaming spins in the machine there are several keys to the right. You can start playing rotations in standard mode, select automatic game or accelerated launches.

Ultra Burn – a slot machine with a standard structure, classical signs and simple rules. Prizes in it can only be obtained in the main game tours, because the bonuses in the machine are not provided.