SEECRET ELIXIR slot machine

Despite the fact that representatives of modern science refer to Alchemy skeptical, the secrets of these exercises to this day are of interest and trembling. Still, because alchemists believed that with proper handling of components, you can rolve drugs almost magic properties. In particular, alchemy is described in many medieval novels and works of fantasy genre. Similar stylistics and running the SECRET ELIXIR slot machine, which reveals the plot about the medieval experiments of alchemists in the walls of the majestic castle. In the game Atromat Secret Elixir each user can play for free without registration and SMS now. In a free game, you can get acquainted closer with the rules of the device slot and come up with a strategy for winning. And you can check your skills already in a real game by making a deposit in a casino slot King.

Overview of the SECRET ELIXIR slot machine

The design of the play slot SECRET ELIXIR is quite bright and colorful, the main action of the game will occur against the background of the laboratory in the castle. From under the drums of the machine, it seems to make a mysterious glow, which gives the game of mystery and mysteriousness. Among the images of the game, users will annoy the alchemists themselves, as well as the attributes of the potion of cooking and medieval visual art.

At first glance, the features of the online SECRET ELIXIR machine are very common: the slot machine has 5 drums and only 10 lines for rates. However, with a more detailed consideration of the eye, the fact that on the last, the fifth drums appear not the same symbols that on the rest of the sections. So, this drum gives exceptionally special images of flasks with potions. These signs have multipliers x2, x3 and x5. According to the rules of the game, in the first four drums of the SECRET ELIXIR drums, combinations from ordinary characters will be formed, payments for which can be increased symbol multipliers with potions.

Based on the above features, the SECRET ELIXIR slot machine combinations from standard pictures may accommodate a maximum of 4 characters. Accordingly, the pay table presented multipliers for combinations of only 3 and 4 signs on the line. It is noteworthy that this slot also has wild and scatter characters that will bring even more victories.

Bonus features of the slot machine secret elixir

Wilde is represented by a portrait of a young alchemist. This value can play the role of equivalent for all ordinary game signs. Wilde will complement incomplete combinations or improve the resulting sequences before the status of more profitable.

SCATTER GAME SLOT SECRET ELIXIR – Magic Stone. First of all, bring prizes for the formation of free combinations that do not obey the rules of lines and sequences. In addition, the loss of at least 3 such images on the screen will launch 12 freks, which will function a special addition to which. In particular, during Freispins on the fifth drum, symbols with potions will also rotate. Only this time the flasks with potions will be five, and with the help of them, payment on line can be multiplied as 20 times.

The SECRET ELIXIR slot machine is endowed with a doubling game. Instant card draws for guessing the color of the color of the closed card can multiply by half the only amount obtained by the amount of loans.

Conclusion of the description of the SECRET ELIXIR slot machine

Secret Elixir uniquely worthy of the best inquisitive skills of players. In the game machine there is a lot of game process supplements, starting with bonus symbolism and ending with unique elements that bring generous multipliers. In addition to all this, you can also download game slots on a computer, phone or tablet and enjoy the play slot SECRET ELIXIR at any time.