Durian Dynamite slot

The rating theme with classic fruit symbols, when processed by qualified specialists, often takes on completely new forms – as, for example, in the intricate Durian Dynamite slot machine manufactured by Quickspin.

General description of the Durian Dynamite slot

The design of the Durian Dynamite slot demonstrates the perfection of modern technologies – the location of the screen and all the symbols on it look stunningly real. The creators of the slot used classic symbols on the background of intertwining pipes, which, wriggling, come up to the reels from above and below, ending in funnels. It is noteworthy that above one of the available five drums the funnels are red, above the rest are blue. Thus, a vertical is highlighted, which differs from the rest in its capabilities. To the left of the playing field of the machine, there is a kind of storage facility in which durians with a special status lie.

You can place bets on 20 machine credit lines at once. The control panel is designed in the traditional style for the manufacturer. The buttons are used to select the total bet and start the spins. All information on the game is contained in a colorful paytable. The formation of winning combinations from ordinary elements and wilds occurs on the pay lines of the machine, when 3 or more identical symbols line up in a continuous sequence starting from the left edge. The only sign that does not obey the general rules is the scatter.

Durian Dynamite slot symbols

Thematic elements – ripe, juicy, bright fruits. Card denominations supplement the basic row of elements. An illustration of a sap with a very peculiar scent of durian is a wild. It can appear as a standard wild symbol – in any position of the machine. There is also an exclusive version of it – Dynamite Wild, which appears only on the reel marked with red funnels. This sign has the effect of an exploding bomb. Both wilds successfully replace the basic elements, being in such cases the links of a successfully developed sequence. Scatters with images of cans with the inscription Bonus are designed to activate a free session, they drop out only on reels 2-4.

Durian Dynamite slot machine bonuses

The drop of Dynamite Wild activates the bonus function – explosive durians stored in the reserve tank are used. In the base game there are always 2 of them, in free spins there can be up to 4 of them. These signs fall on the playing field of the machine, turning the wild that activated them into a standard one and launching 3 more of the same ones in arbitrary positions. Upon hitting a dynamite wild, 2 more Wilds are rendered. Such a chain reaction necessarily gives a lot of successful combinations.

When three scatters appear on the field at the same time, 6 free spins start, which, if desired, can be improved by choosing additional dynamite wilds, dynamite reels or free spins for them. The simplest classic theme becomes incredibly fun when equipped with creative options, like in the Durian Dynamite slot. Breeding dynamite wilds, lavish free spins and exclusive reels are worth a try at the outrageous casino game.