Blazing Star slot machine

Another tribute to the classic slot machines is the Blazing Star slot from Blueprint Gaming. Its laconic design and play of contrasts are very reminiscent of the techniques that were actively used by the creators of slot machines at the dawn of the gambling industry. The center of attention is the sun, the bright radiance of which is depicted so realistically that, looking at it, an instinctive desire arises to squint.

Blazing Star Slot Review

Not only the design, but also the structure of the machine is made in a traditional form, which has proved many times in practice its convenience and practicality. Moving reels, as well as active lines, are provided for 5 pieces, the total number of game symbols that appear in the cells as a result of spins is 15. Multicolored numbers on the sides of the playing field are indicators of active lines.

All buttons that are informative or functional are evenly placed around the playing field. Setting a bet and starting spins – from below, and game instructions and a table with a description of payments – from above.

The total number of varieties of symbols that appear on the playing field was 7. This number in itself is considered lucky for many peoples and has also been used many times as a game sign. 6 images are fruits, and the 7th is the star, in honor of which the Blazing Star video slot got its beautiful name. Only cherries are able to create a winning combination with just one pair, the rest form winning combinations only in the number of three or more repetitions. There is no substitute in this machine, but high recoil is achieved using the Gamble function.

Additional features of the Blazing Star slot

To increase the earned reward two or more times, the gamer can take advantage of the risk game, which becomes available only if the reels are manually started. After the prize drop, three new keys appear in place of the start buttons. In the middle – a bag on a blue background. If you do not want to take part in a risky round, you need to click here, because after that the amount of winnings will be added to the total game balance, its counter is displayed under the playing field of the machine right in the middle.

If the player has enough courage and determination, then he has the right to use one of two options: guessing the color or the ladder of bets. By clicking on the map, the gamer will open an additional playing field, where cards of different suits are laid out. He should very quickly choose the color of the card that is face down. By guessing, he will get a chance to try his luck again. There is a win limit in this round of the Blazing Star slot machine, it will end when it is reached or as a result of an error when choosing a color.

If the player’s choice fell on the stairs, then it should be taken into account that the reaction speed plays the main role here. Events will take place as follows: a column appears with increasing numbers, which are highlighted in turn by a running light, so you need to catch it on a specific step of the stairs with a special button marked 1: 1. Having time to press in time and having received a doubling, the player can divide the reward by sending half to the bag, and put the remainder again and try to reach the highest point of such a digital column.

Although at first glance, the Blazing Star slot seems simple, but the gameplay with it will be very dynamic, because speed plays a decisive role, this is especially acute in the risk game. Delay equals defeat. Therefore, those gamers who are confident in themselves and their intuition or reaction speed have a wonderful opportunity to earn prizes through such personal benefits.