Slocano Fruits Slot Machine

Fruit slots have many fans. In order to interest such players, manufacturers of automata create stylized models, making them up with modern options. In the NetGam assortment, too, there is such a video. It is called Volcano Fruits, has a standard fruit set of characters, simple rules. But at the same time, he also offers fans of games in online casino bonus tours, Jack-sweat, capabilities of special characters.

Characteristics of the slot machine Volcano Fruits

Stylization under the first slot machines manifested itself in the gaming symbol of the machine. On his screen, players will see the bell tape, a sign with the inscription bar, a seven, bringing good luck, as well as juicy fruits and berries. All these pictograms are colorfully and highly depicted.

They will appear on the cells of the playing field consisting of 5 drums. Also in the structure of the VOLCANO FRUITS machine gun includes 50 game lines. Backdrop for the playing field images are sparks of fire which seemed to make their way out of the dark stones. They are decorated with green leaves, which are framed by the drums of the machine.

How to play a slot machine Volcano Fruits

At the bottom of the screen there are function buttons of the navigation panel. They are made in the overall style of the machine, intuitively understandable and easy to use. There is a button that opens the information section. After reviewing the Rules of the Gaming Machine Volcano Fruits, the gamer can go to the regulation of the main indicators and launches of the spins. For each action provides its own key.

The launches of gaming rotations in the machine are possible immediately at the maximum rates, in standard manual mode or in automatic. After starting the spins, the dropped symbols will build winning combinations. So that such combinations bring the prize, you need them to consist of several identical images and started on the left of the drum on the left.

Special Options Slot Machine Volcano Fruits

There are 2 special characters in a slot machine. Skatter depicts a golden ball. He can bring major awards on his own, and still launches the bonus tour if it appears in the amount of 3, 4 or 5 pieces at the same time. Round consists of 10 free spins. During the freakins there is a factor of the prize x2. Re-appearance of scatters Answer 10 free spins. The multiplier will increase by one.

Joker in the VOLCANO FRUITS machine – this is Wild. Also endowed with large coefficients and can create prize chains. Can also replace ordinary pictograms. Having done this, Wild will turn the usual sequence in winning. A feature of the gaming machine is that it provides for a progressive jack-sweat. You can only get it after up to 10 wild characters will arise on the game field. Wildes should be located on 5 game drums. The amount of Jack-Pot depends on the stakes chosen by the player: the larger the rate, the greater the prize. Volcano Fruits – a slot machine, the appearance of which resembles the first devices, and modern options allow you to win large prizes.

Slot machines Volcano Fruits (Fruit Volcano) – Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a VOLCANO FRUITS Jack Sweat in the gaming machine?

In the Volcano Fruits slot machine, you can win the maximum 500,000 coins – this is a general progressive Jack Pot for all rates and currencies. This is the maximum indicator in the pay table when receiving multiplication x10 at the maximum rate. In the case of a lower rate, the corresponding share of the progressive jack of sweat will be paid, depending on the current rate. You can also get x20 Wild characters (all 5 drums are shown x4 Wild) – also bring progressive jack sweat. During the Bonus Feature, Jack Sweat will be multiplied by the current winnings factory and will equate to the displayed Jack Pot. Progressive Jack Sweat will display its current value in the currency of your account. This amount can increase or decrease depending on the currency rate fluctuations.

What is the percentage of return in the Volcano Fruits gaming machine?

Theoritic percentage of return player gaming machine Volcano Fruits – 95.73%. This is not the highest return rate among the gaming slots of different manufacturers, but still apparently from the best. All income from the game is independent and are determined by chance. The current RTP indicator is calculated as a common gain to divide on the trash, based on a large number of rounds played. The expected RTP can vary significantly in both directions at the rate of a small number of rounds according to the static probability.

How many rates lines can be chosen in the Game Slot Volcano Fruits Slot?

In the gaming slot Volcano Fruits 50 game lines, all of them are fixed, choose a smaller amount impossible.

Wild Symbol in the Game Slot Volcano Fruits plays as any symbol?

WILD Symbol in the Volcano Fruits game slot plays as any symbol except Skatter. Weld Symbol is presented in the form of a joker, endowed with large coefficients and can create prize chains, replace ordinary pictograms. Making a replacement, Wild turns the usual sequence in winning.

What are the functions of the scatter in the Volcano Fruits slot machine?

Golden ball – scatter symbol slot capable of bringing the most large awards, and if 3, 4, or 5 scatters appear on the drums – run the round bonus. Bonus Round is represented in the classic version: 10 free free spins, during which the multiplier X2 acts. The re-appearance of scatters will add 10 more spins to the yet unsuccessful quantity, while the multiplier will increase by one.