The award-winning content developer for the Realistic Games casino offers players who are exciting adventures in slot machines in search of treasures and treasures in their last video galota Bank of the Nile.

The new game with five drums and 20 fixed winning lines appeared exclusively on the Microgaming platform and includes Flaming Wilds, randomly activated in the main game, as well as a Bonus round of TOMB type “Choose Me”, which maximizes a potential gain. During the bonus, the game begins in one of the six Egyptian tombs with eight artifacts to choose from a prize or lead to the loss of scorpion. The player continues to choose artifacts until all prizes have been identified and the multiplier will not be awarded or scorpion will be detected, and the player will immediately go to the next grave.

The sixth tomb contains one final award, or, if none of the previous rounds were found prizes, players instead the jackpot of the tomb is provided to get a chance to reveal a huge prize hidden at one of the six boxes.

Microgaming customers were provided with exclusive access to Bank of the Nile until July 30, when the game will be released in the entire RALISTIC distribution network.

Robert Lee, commercial director Realistic Games, said:

“Bank of the Nile offers players an attractive bonus round, and we are happy to expand our exclusive transaction with Microgaming, offering our customers the first access to this Egyptian topics before launching the game in the network.