In the South Indian state of Karnatak, in the city of Bangalore, the police closed 500 poker rooms.

On the police raids in the local press began to write at the very beginning of October. Police were guided by an order with a goal of radical struggle with illegal gambling in the state capital. It is noted that about 10 thousand. Residents resulting from this will lose jobs.

Police commissioner Alok Kumar also stressed that the struggle against illegal gambling as such is not the only goal. A lot of hassle of law enforcement delivers a mess and a criminogenic environment that are characteristic of gambling services.

In particular, numerous criminal groups are alleged in gambling establishments. Operators, in turn, say that the information is false, and they simply insert sticks into the wheels. Moreover, they are indignant by the selective character of checks.

The owner of one of the rules, who fell under sanctions, assures that in his institution and to him, only legal games of Rammy. Just like in large halls that Ridi passed.

Police answered that large institutions clearly comply with the rules, and there were no cases for suspicion in the opposite. Moreover, in addition to the game in Ramma, another service is provided there – sports and entertainment events.

At the moment in India, the eternal question about poker is a banal gambling or a kind of sport? However, the president of Ram Nath Kovinda has already signed the law on the soon banner of poker in India.