After watching movies, where the main characters play poker, you might think that there is only one kind of this exciting game, but it is not. Its options are very much and in each of them the rules may greatly differ, in all there are features, strategies and style.


This type of poker is the most classic of all existing. 5-card view known to millions of people. Once it was very popular, but now, because of a diverse choice in poker and other card games, it practically disappeared from the casino. The fact is that here you need skills, if you want to win, and the newcomer to win almost unreal. And who wants to play the game, knowing that he won’t win? “Vallets or above” – ​​the most common version of the draw, where the player must collect a pair, starting with the currencies.

Texas Holdem

This game, whose name is usually reduced simply to Hold’em, is now the most popular of all options in the world. This view of Hold’em may be unlimited and limited, for each of them there are own strategies. Here, each of the players give two personal cards, and the five common is put on the table. The person wins the best combination of personal and general cards, or the one who remained himself in the game if everyone else was saved.

Omaha Holdem

This game is very similar to the previous one, but the players give not two, and four personal cards. You need to win, making a combination of half of your and three common cards. Players most like High Lowe or “eight or higher”. Omaha is also limited and no.

Crazy Pineapple (Crazy Pineepple)

This species is a cross between Texas and Omaha Holdem. Everyone is heard three cards, one must be thrown off after the flop, and the remaining pair is combined with the top five. Some names of Pineapple “Watermelon”, because, throwing down the map, players seemed to spin seeds.


Loobole is a 5-card draw, but with the difference that wins not the highest, and the lowest of the combinations (not counting Street and Flash). Here the aces are the lowest card, therefore the best combination – 5432a. Even in Loubolla there is a variation of “from two to seven”, where all combinations are taken into account, and the ace is the highest card, so it’s best to collect 75432. 7-card Loubol called Razz, and play it when the whole table is filled with wishing to play.


Stud – a view having a lot of game options. Semycart more popular in a casino, and herd Hi Low – in tournaments. Like the draw, this game has lost its former popularity in the casino. Most of all the herd is characterized in that all some cards are open.

In addition to the above species of poker, there are other. The casino is a high demand for mixed options in which the game runs according to the rules mixed from the pair of three poker variants, for example, Holdem-Omaha-outer-“8 or higher”.