Online slot machine Spinning Stars

The quality of slot machines is constantly improving. Manufacturers come up with new themes, complicate plots. New options appear in the functionality that make the game unpredictable and unlike any of the previous ones.

But there is a direction in the gameplay that does not allow substantial transformations. We are talking about classic slots that have long conquered sympathies of users and constantly confirming their status. Such devices include a slot machine Spinning Stars.

Spinning Stars Slot Machine Overview

Spinning Stars slot is a new variation on a fruit theme with traditional sevens and stars. It would seem, beaten plot. But in the same way and the calculation: the usual topic will probably like customers. To spinning stars differ from similar models, designers refreshed graphics, improved animation effects – the topic has become more spectacular.

In a single stylist with the playing field, a control panel. Everything is clearly understandable and in the right color.

Rules of the game on the machine rotating stars

The SPINNING STARS slot machine announces the game on 5 drums with 10 lines. The number of lines is installed by a player, and then specifies the rate of the bet. To do this, the user establishes the loan denomination and their number. Only the player who plays on all lines with the maximum bet can make the maximum claims to the winnings.

Winning is determined by classical principles. It is necessary that 3-5 identical symbols appear on the active line for the combination to be continuous, so that it starts from the 1st reel. The amount won is determined by the odds assigned to a particular image.

Spinning Stars has special symbols, a bonus stage and a risk game – a classic game set.

Spinning Stars slot machine symbols

The symbols of this slot are traditional for a fruit plot. There are no plot innovations here. On the screen, the user sees well-known cherries and lemon, orange and plum, grapes and watermelon, bell and seven.

They are joined by a star that has become a wild symbol in the Spinning Stars. Its role is to form profitable combinations. The star has the ability to replace any images on the line, if so necessary for the payment. Wild does not form its own combinations.

The payout in the base game can be doubled. To do this, you need to risk the payout by making it a bet in the risk game. By clicking the Gamble button, the client agrees to activate this option.

Next, an additional playing field opens in front of the user, on which a face-down card is placed in the center. the player’s task is to guess its color. A correctly specified variant doubles the winning bet at once. The option is active until the player makes a mistake. Then the risk game stops, and all funds are burned out.

Many players, when choosing a color, rely on statistics from the last actions in the round. For such users, the last 5 revealed cards are saved. The player can exit the risk stage at any time, stopping at the achieved result. Then the basic spins are ordered again.

Bonus games

Passing the bonus stage is associated with the vald. Having dropped out on any extreme reel, the star moves to the center of the playing field – to the central cell of the 3rd reel. Around the star, the rest of the symbols begin to circle and, if you’re lucky, get into winning combinations.

Unusual rotations around the wild symbol, which retain their properties at this game level, continue no more than 7 times.

Spinning Stars Assault Rifle Billed as Classic. It matches its category with a fruit theme and restrained functionality. The win here is achieved not due to the variety of options and their unusualness, but due to simple game algorithms. Simple rules accessible to all, minimized functionality are the key to the popularity of the slot machine among the large public.