Sharky slot machine

Plots about sea robbers are always interesting for those who crave excitement and adventure in order to get another dose of adrenaline. The pirates theme is played up in its own way in the Sharky virtual online slot machine. A player who dares to join a gang of corsairs, go on an exciting sea journey, the goal of which is to find a treasure chest. And he will definitely receive his reward if he manages to go all the way to the end of the online casino for King’s hryvnia.

Description of Sharky slot machine

The Pirate slot machine is designed according to the chosen theme. The screen design uses blue to create the illusion of being submerged under water through which sunlight shines through. In the upper corner there is a drawing of a shark, it is made so realistic that it causes a feeling of fear. Five reels and 9 paylines provide a field of action in the Rybak virtual slot machine at Slotoking┬« online casino. With their help, the participant will fill his chest with gold. There is a control panel under the platform. The set of function keys is pretty easy to figure out. Each button has an inscription that indicates its purpose in the Sharky slot machine. Start – start the reels. Bet one / Bet max – select a bet. Line – the number of active lines. Auto play mode – Automatic start. Paytable – Paytable.

Pirate slot machine symbols

The symbols of the Sharky online slot machine are pirate, sailing ship, tropical island, parrot, sabers, compass. And also card signs that have become an invariable component of slots. Each symbol has its own value. To get a win, you need to collect a prize combination on an active line. It can contain from 2 to 5 identical symbols. Only the combination that starts from the 1st reel is counted. It is very interesting to play the Pirate slot machine, as the symbols are animated and provide even more immersion in the plot.

In the game Machine Fisherman online there are several special images at once. Pirate is a wild sign. Wilde not only can independently form prizes combinations, but also to help other chips to complete them, replacing the missing symbol. Skatter in the Sharky virtual gaming machine is a compass. He plays the scatter. This means that the scatter may appear anywhere in the site, but for the player to be paid a remuneration, the compasses on the drums should be from 3 to 5.

Bonus game gaming machine fisherman

There is an online game machine Sharky and bonus game. It is activated after the appearance on the 1st drum of the pirate ship, and on the 5th islands. The prize round consists of 10 free spins. If a sailboat falls during bonus spins, then the boat will go down on the site, which will appear as a wild sign. With each spin, the boat will move across the screen and participate in drawing up prize combinations. If she collides with a chest, then additional winnings are paid. Shark in the path of the wild symbol will deactivate it. The bonus round may be extended if a ship and a tropical island appear on the reels again.

Conclusion of the description of the Sharky slot machine

An extra charge of adrenaline can be obtained in the risk game. Each prize combination provides a chance for its participation. According to the terms of the game for doubling, you need to guess the color of an inverted card. If the answer is correct, the rate will be doubled.