Play online in Seredgeeti Heat slot machine

Among the innovations of 2017, many interesting slot machines. Most manufacturers have focused on non-standard stories, memorable design and unique gameplay. The online slot machine Serengeti Heat combines all the listed qualities.

Serengeti Heat Slot Review

The creators of the Serengeti Heat video slot invite users to take a virtual trip to Tanzania, where the Serengeti National Park is located, which gave the name to the slot. In accordance with the plot, players are expected to meet with the inhabitants of wild nature and walk through the expanses of the savannah.

The fact that the player enters the savannah is convinced by the design of the machine. A luxurious background image of a bright sunny color takes the user to where the reigning lion keeps order in the animal and plant world, where sparse vegetation is sometimes diluted with islets of baobabs.

Symbols in the Serengeti Heat slot

Most of the slot symbols are shown in black cells. This makes the background and the playing field an excellent contrast. The control panel is also made in a single color key.

The Serengeti Heat has 5 reels. In comparison with other machines, they have an unusual appearance. The outer reels have 3 icons each, the next ones – 4. And only on the central drum are the usual 5 cells. There are no traditional pay lines in Serengeti Heat either. A bet in multiples of 50 is ordered per round. The winning spin is the basic spin, in which 3-5 identical images will stop on adjacent reels, starting from any edge. Several formed combinations are paid on equal terms.

The rules of the game contain descriptions of the valda, scatter, bonus symbol – pictures with special properties. The principles of the risk game and bonus spins are also stated there. Symbols are divided into two types. The first includes images of animals and card denominations – these are basic images. The second type includes symbols with special characteristics. Wild / Baobab replaces any picture, except for other special symbols. Does not form its own combinations. Scatter / Shield with spears, on the contrary, independently forms combinations. At the same time, he does not have to follow the rules: the scatter is allowed to appear in any 3-5 windows. Bonus / Eyes of the lion, provided that it appears on all reels at the same time, activates the bonus game.

Winning combinations in the online slot

After a combination of 5 lion eyes, 8 free spins start. They pass for the user for free, the bet is paid by the game resource. Its size is the same as the amount played in the last paid round. Free spins are extended if the chain necessary for their activation is formed again. In parallel with free spins, the player is rewarded with an amount equivalent to the bet. Each basic stage, which brought a win, always ends with an invitation to the risk game, where the bet is the prize amount. After confirming his consent by pressing the Gamble button, the player finds himself on an additional playing field. Here two ovals are offered to his attention: red and black. There is a face-down card between them – you need to guess its color. Matching colors will double the wagered amount. To make it easier to navigate, the risk round presents statistics of the last 5 guesses in the form of open cards.

The Serengeti Heat slot will appeal to users who prefer non-standard models with an abundance of additional functions. After all, in addition to the basic stage, the device has a risk and bonus game. The presence of special characters complements the list of positive characteristics of the slot.