Rainforest Magicbingo, Sweet Alchemy Bingo and Rally 4 Riches available for online games today.

Play’n GO continues to pay more attention to expanding outside gaming machines, the first two releases of Rainforest Magicbingo and Sweet Alchemy Bingo – Bingo games based on popular games from their catalog; “Magic Bingo from Tropical Forest” and “Bingo Sweet Alchemy”.

These games in Bingo carry the ingenuity of the supplier for a whole new audience and include several exciting functions to increase the value of entertainment, including bonus rounds “Choose and press”, prizes in the form of drawings bingo and even instant mystery prize. These new games are especially interested in the Latam market, where Bingo is one of the most popular games in the region.

The third title in this issue is a sports slot based on the high-octane world of rally races. Rally 4 Riches is a 5-drum video slot with an impressive animation sequence of real-time racing, which gives
Players Excellent experience from beginning to end. The bonus function, known simply as a “race”, transfers players to the player on 24 squares, where they will move in accordance with randomly generated during the throw by the number. The occupied place for which players move, also determines their position in the race and will be represented by a real-time sequence on the screen.