Online slot machine Magic 81

Online slot machine Magic 81 – a slot with a classic focus, improved with some interesting bonus additions. Products of this kind are often warmly welcomed on the gambling market, since through the usual classic style it is as easy as possible to acquaint players with new, unique functions. As a result, we get a product that is unusual in terms of bonus features, but at the same time it is extremely easy to learn. So it happened with the Magic 81 slot machine from the King casino, the features of which will pleasantly surprise the players during the draw.

Description of the slot machine Magic 81

As for the visual component of the magic 81 slot machine, the familiar fruit style is once again glorified through it. Players will encounter classic symbolic meanings on the open spaces of the reels – bars, sevens, fruits, pleasantly pleasing to the eye with the quality of drawing and the saturation of colors. The design of the Magic 81 slot machine cannot be called nostalgic, as it is endowed with modern graphics and corresponding animation, which will rather allow players to take a fresh look at the fruit story-oriented slots.

Unusually, the reels in the Magic 81 slot machine are 4, and combinations of all signs can include 3-4 elements. It is noteworthy that the appearance of symbols on the reels cannot be called so random: at some moments, players will be able to see vertical stripes of identical symbols on the reels, which obviously increases the possibility of the formation of several profitable sequences by the rhinestone at the end of each spin.

Features of the slot machine Magic 81

Regarding the lines in the Magic 81 slot machine, it is worth noting that all of them will take part in the spins process according to the rules. So, in the development of a gambling machine, the trendy allpay system was used, which excludes the possibility of varying the number of active lines. As practice shows, this move in the design of slots allows players to fully experience all the winning potential provided by the developers.

A line is considered victorious if, starting from the left edge, there is an unbroken sequence of a specified number of identical symbols in it. In total, the arsenal of the slot has 9 characters, moreover, 1 of them is endowed with extended powers. So, the icon with the logo of the slot machine Magic 81 acts as a wild symbol, which means that it can replace all other meanings in combinations. It is noteworthy that for a wildcard, a sign change in a combination is always accompanied by an additional multiplier. So, if the wild symbol has replaced one element and on the line, thanks to this, a completed combination is formed, the payout on it will be doubled. For a similar participation in the composition of a combination of 2 or 3 wild elements, multipliers are given in the amount of x4 and x8, respectively.

Conclusion of the description of the Magic 81 slot machine

The Magic 81 slot machine, so simple at first glance, contains a number of unique prize features of the next generation of gambling. Users will experience a noticeably profitable gameplay, but at the same time – easy to learn.