Live game Bet on Numbers

Bet on Numbers is a simple and popular lottery game now available at King Casino via Live Casino. The main feature of such games is interaction with live dealers. Sitting at home, the user has the opportunity to place bets and control the game process, communicating with the dealer in the studio from where the broadcast is being conducted. This creates the atmosphere of a real casino and should appeal to fans of games such as Texas Hold’em.

Bet on Numbers live lottery review

One of the leading manufacturers for the implementation of live games is the young company Ezugi. Having entered the gambling market in 2013, it quickly gained popularity.

Bet on Numbers streamed online from UK studio. Structurally, it resembles a lottery drawing, when the win is determined by the combination of balls popping out of the drum.

Nice professional croupiers are ready to accept users’ bets. The first feature of the game is the ability to choose a bet from 36 options suggested in the rules. Among the offered varieties: the sum of the dropped balls; the number of the dropped ball or several; ball not dropped.

Color bets are also accepted because white and red balls are involved. Here, too, there are several options: what will be the color of the first ball; what color will be all dropped balls or the first three and so on. The complete table is presented in the rules. Having studied it in detail, the client chooses his rate.

Winning combinations in the Bet on Numbers live lottery

Each combination has a winning odds. The lowest indicator is 1.05. Highest Winning Odds – 2000. The more matches there are in the Bet on Numbers game, the higher the probability of a prize. If the player has favorite bets, they can be saved.

After the player has chosen his bet on a special field, the dealer starts a game on the air, which consists of several stages. The drum is loaded first: filled with numbered balls. Then they are mixed in a transparent lottery drum.

The most exciting moment begins: the balls pop out into the receiving tray. This process is shown on the screen in several ways. In the general view, the player sees the dealer leading the process. Above right, you can see how the balls are pushed out of the lottery drum. And in the lower right corner, a close-up picture is displayed with the result. The player thus controls the numbers on them and their color. The game is transparent and fair.

Bet on Numbers by Ezugi has many advantages. First, it runs in real time and is available 24 hours a day. Secondly, the rules offer 36 betting options: this fuels interest in the game. The main thing is that the gameplay is absolutely transparent, the client watches it online. Finally, it is streamed in flawless HD quality. So everyone who has chosen the Bet on Numbers live game from Ezugi will have an interesting live game.