Live game Baccarat Queenco

The Baccarat Queenco card game from Ezugi, like all games from this manufacturer, is played in real time. The participant takes a conditional place behind a slot located in the Queenco casino in Cambodia. He will have an exciting gameplay conducted by a real croupier, just like at the casino Roulette table.

Description of Live game Baccarat Queenco

The control panel in Baccarat Queenco is decorated in blue. On its surface, markings are applied in accordance with the rules of the game. A set of functional buttons is provided for control. In the lower right corner is the settings menu. Using the available buttons, you can adjust the window size, sound level, open the information section. Additional scoreboards at the top of the screen record gameplay indicators. A set of chips indicates a betting range. The user has the opportunity to choose the most appropriate option.

Baccarat Queenco uses 8 card decks. The goal of the game is to predict its outcome. Namely – to determine who will get the victory (player, dealer, draw). Before each deal, the cards are shuffled by the dealer. The game begins with the participant deciding on the size of the bet by choosing a chip of the desired denomination and marking it on the table at one of the positions: Tie, Player or Banker. Thus, he denotes his version of the development of events. After that, the dealer deals 2 cards each. At this stage, the game can end if 9 points are scored on one of the starting hands. The winner is the one who is as close as possible to this result.

Baccarat Queenco game rules

In Baccarat Queenco, cards are scored as follows. Ace brings 1 point, and kings, queens, jacks and 10 – 0 points. For the rest of the cards, their face value is counted. The suit does not matter. It is worth noting that the total of points has a two-digit number, but only the last digit is taken into account. If the required number of points is not collected during the first distribution, another card is issued. In the case of an identical result between the player and the dealer (when betting on the Player or Banker), a draw is counted and the bet is returned. After the winner is determined, the reward is paid in accordance with the provided odds, and a new round begins. The player can apply the previous bet or clear the field and put a chip of a different denomination on a new sector.

According to the rules of Baccarat Queenco, the highest combination consists of 2 cards, the final result of this pair is 10. It is called natural. Payout ratio is: banker – 0.95 to 1 and the total bet; player – 1 to 1 and bet, draw – 8 to 1 and bet.

There are side rates with Baccarat Queenco that do not depend on the main. They can be used together with it or separately. Side bets include bets on the player’s pair and the banker’s pair. This means that the first two cards dealt to the starting hand will be a pair. Betting on over or under: the number of points will be 5-6 or 4. There is a bet on a perfect pair, which are cards of the same suit. Additional bets are paid at a separate coefficient.

Baccarat Queenco will provide an unforgettable experience.