Gambling Blackjack J

Before modern gamblers, the format of gambling has changed several times. Uncontested ground halls were replaced by online resources, which greatly simplified access to the game. But the dry, communicationless atmosphere of the Internet halls directed the developers to solve the problem: to create games similar in spirit to land-based casinos. The direction of the so-called live games has appeared, which has been rapidly developing in recent years. One of the well-known live-style providers is Evolution Gaming, which has developed a line of games, including Blackjack J.

Features of the live direction Blackjack J

Live games, including Blackjack J, combine the advantages of offline and online entertainment. A visitor to a gaming site, staying at home in front of a computer or gadget, activates a game using an Internet connection, for example, Blackjack J, which is led by a real dealer. Home comfort combines with the indescribable atmosphere of a real casino. The dealer is located in a modern studio, the equipment of which allows for HD broadcasting, which provides high quality images on the screen. The croupiers are trained to a high professional level, so that the communication will be unforgettable.

Features of the Blackjack J card game

Blackjack J launch date – 07.09.2018. Live online Blackjack J follows the rules of real blackjack: the player’s task is to collect the winning card combination.

Choosing Blackjack J, the user sits down at a seven-seater table in the studio and takes an empty seat by clicking Sit Here. The dealer offers to place a bet. To do this, the visitor needs to decide on the chips using the buttons at the bottom of the screen. The minimum bet in Blackjack J is 5 euro; the maximum is 500 euro;.

After the dealer starts dealing cards: he takes them one by one from a special container – a shoe. They are all open. From this moment on, the client needs to be especially responsible: analyze the received card and assume the next order. The dealer plays in parallel: with a total of 16, he certainly draws a card and stops at 17.

The ideal option for a player is to get an ace and a ten in Blackjack J, in total equal to 21 – blackjack. The victory in this case in Blackjack J is indisputable. With other options, it is important that the amount is more attractive than the dealer’s.

In Blackjack J you need to be guided by the cost of the combination. Numerical denominations correspond to points, ace – 1 or 11 (it brings 11 points until 21 is collected, after – 1), 10 points are awarded for pictures.

If the BlackJack J dealer and customer amounts are equal, the round is replaying. If the client scored the cherished 21 point, then the winnings are paid according to the 3: 2 scheme, that is, the payment is 1.5 times higher than the delivered. After passing in the amount, it deprives the supplied chips. If 21 it turns out at the dealer, he wins. Exceptions are cases when the client has previously chosen the 1: 1 system or insured against Blackjack. Therefore, in BlackJack J, you need to take the right decision on time.

Blackjack J from Geyming Evolution – a new word in online format card games. Quality broadcast, professionalism of dealers, dynamism of the gameplay and simplicity of rules – this is the popularity recipe BlackJack J. The company of Evolution truly pleased its fans of this game.