Platooners slot machine

ELK Studios invites you to shoot a fascinating film about brave soldiers of thirsty adventures. The place of events was a slot machine. According to the plot, the main characters go to the jungle in search of gold. They managed to achieve their cherished goal, but picking up the treasure is not so easy. They are under the reliable protection of huge venomous snakes. Anyone can join the team of brave heroes in Platooners, and try to go through a dangerous path. A worthy reward awaits the winner.

Platooners slot machine review

The structure of the slot machine traditionally uses 5 reels. Since the manufacturer is an adherent of various kinds of experiments, he replaced the active lines with 178 options for building prize combinations. Soldier tokens, binoculars, first aid kit, knife, card signs were chosen as themed symbols. They appear alone and in pairs, they do not completely occupy the strip. Winning combinations are formed from 3, 4, 5 identical signs lined up on the playing field from left to right. The amount of payment is determined by the size of the rate chosen at the beginning and the number of characters. Action Spins mode can be activated on any spin in Platooners!, having 3 options. If Rockets is turned on, then stacked base symbols spin on reels 1 and 3. More wilds will appear on the playing field in Grenades. Bullets define a random token to ensure high paying combinations.

Platoon machine rules

The graphic design of the slot machine resembles the scenery of a movie set. A small island of rainforest serves as the main background. Among the tall palms and dense ferns, the heroes face many dangers. The video camera and lighting fixtures are located at the edges, directed towards the center of the site. Crisp rendering of details makes the gameplay incredibly realistic. Bluish haze adds mystery to the overall atmosphere. Animation and sound enhances the sense of danger.

To control the slot machine special skills is not required. The set of functional buttons is the same for all brand models. There are several buttons located at the left and right edges of the screen that disappear during the game. With their help, the game is launched. At any turn, you can go to the autoplay mode and just watch the events taking place. The rate is determined in an additional tab. The participant is given a choice of 4 variants of the built-in betting system. Three horizontal stripes open a reference section with the paytable, video game rules, and game settings.

Platooners has special symbols. The wild mark serves as a substitute to help complete winning combinations. Not paid on its own, although it drops on all reels. The snake mask is a Bonus. His appearance ensures the launch of a bonus round called Platooners Vs. Snakes of Fortune, consisting of 3 levels. Each has a battle with huge pythons. For a successful waypon be rewarded. With raising level, the amount of payment increases.