In the US state of New Jersey, there are a lot of major gambling institutions (it’s not about online casino). Every year the turnover of their guests is a huge, as, accordingly, the income of the casino. But analysts conducted counting over the past year and were surprised by the indicators of such gambling establishments as Caesar, Atlantic City and other clubs. Their income fell significantly. And the most interesting thing is that the weather has become the cause of such a fall.
Analytics calculations showed that the biggest peak of drawdown occurred in winter, when a very serious cyclone was held in the Atlantic area, which brought the strongest snowfall.

Lovers of terrestrial gambling institutions considered that in bad weather, it will be safer and comfortable at home. Then they began to look for an alternative on the Internet and preferred online casinos. Gambling operators decided that you need to compensate for these indicators in the gaming season, that is, in summer.

But on the case of online casinos, there may be a competition of ground gambling institutions? At the moment, the virtual casino is already occupied by confident positions in the field of gambling business. The number of guests that prefer exactly such a format is steadily growing. This is exactly what the virtual gaming rooms are appropriate and relevant. Who knows, maybe in the near future online casinos will completely displace ground?!