Cosmic Heart – the latest online game developer for casino High 5 Games with 5 × 4 layout and 20 payout lines, high volatility and 96% RTP. A new gaming machine on the galactic subject offers players with space experience, allowing you to activate various ways of winning with the help of the prize line.

Providing line

Above the drums in the Cosmic Heart slot there is a belt with special characters known as the prize line. At the beginning of each bet, the symbols of the prize line will rotate to the left, cyclically moving prizes. When the cosmic heart symbol falls on the drums, the symbol of the prize line over the cosmic heart is activated, increasing the chances of receiving award. The prize line has chances of getting multipliers, free loans, a choice bonus, free games and jokers bonus.

Cosmic Heart slot is designed as a game that will raise expectations of players to a new level.

The prize line over the drums displays a large rotating range of exciting functions, each of which can be won by placing the heart symbol on the appropriate drum. These functions are saved for multiple rotations and can scale to huge potential values, making the prospect of winning large and central to the player for long periods of time.

Briefly about the COSMIC Heart slot:

  • Coils – 5
  • Rows – 4
  • RTP – 96%
  • Volatility – high
  • Payments lines – 20
  • Theme – Space.