There are chances of winning in a casino, but they are minimal. Games such as roulette and slots are built on the basis of luck, but card games, like poker, requires more skills than good luck. The player should be able to play poker to increase his chances of winning. Most often, players just crave to start playing without proper study of gambling rules. They also make some mistakes to avoid.

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  • Betting too big
  • Greed
  • Alcohol in casino
  • Scolding players and dealers

Betting too big

This is another of the most common mistakes that players are doing in ground casinos. Bankroll management is crucial for your longevity as a player. One very simple rule when it comes to your bankroll this: a bet no more than 10% of the amount you took with you or decided to spend from the card. It will give you the opportunity to play for a long time, and if ultimately you will lose everything, then perhaps it was not your day. Too often we see players with a pair of hundreds of dollars who play blackjack with a $ 50 bid, not realizing that he needs more money to be able to survive decals.


After the first major win, the player in the casino it seems that luck came to him and need to continue to play to win even more. But all winners in casino random, and very rarely happens that the player wins twice large sums. As a rule, such a “greedy” player loses all his money in the casino. However, it should be noted that when a game, the victory has already depends on the player’s experience and twice the bank is quite possible.

Alcohol in casino

Ground casinos offer all its visitors free alcohol cocktails. But in no case, the player can not be carried away by alcohol in the gambling institution, since in a state of intoxication, the player begins to make rapid bets, quickly losing all his money. Try to stick to the limit of cocktails when you are behind the tables in the casino – head and your wallet will thank you in the morning!

Scolding players and dealers

The game in the casino is primarily a form of entertainment, but players often after losing get a huge stress. However, this does not justify their bad behavior in relation to other players and dealers. Let’s see the truth in the eyes – no one put a gun to your head and made you play gambling, so what happened, only you are to blame. When you lost and are in a state of stress, you need to use self-control.