Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment said that the opening of a luxury resort casino in Athens was still fully committed to the renovation project for 8 billion euros (8.74 billion dollars), despite the impact of coronaivirus. Mohegan and Greek partner Gek Terna moved to the next stage of the tender for the construction and 30-year exploitation of the resort casino on the site of the former airport Hellicine.

“Mohegan Gaming Entertainment is fully committed to turning Greece to a popular place of entertainment and business conferences in Europe. The company is ready to start construction work as soon as the tender wins despite the unprecedented influence of the pandemic on the game sector, “said Mohegan CEO Mario Conterkos.

It is expected that the plan of Mohagan, called Inspire Athens, will attract hundreds of thousands of tourists and create more than 7,000 jobs.

In Greece, 2626 cases of COVID-19 and 144 death cases were registered, which is much less than in many other European countries. However, the authorities of this country, who started the revival of their economy only in 2018 after the 10-year financial crisis, which destroyed a quarter of its economic production, fear that due to the pandemic will not receive income from tourism this year, which is the support of the Greece Economy.