MGA Games, specializing in the development of fantastic slots for world operators, made a Dream3Team slot available for online casino throughout Spain. This new slot is the last addition to the HyperRealism series from MGA Games, in which DREAM3TEAM DJs participate, which sold together more than 30 million plates.

Slot Dream3Team from MGA Games with Texad’s stars, Tony Pest and Hosep Maria Casteles, legendary DJs, creating hits like Max Mix and Bolero Mix, which a total of more than 30 million plates sold. Dream3Team is part of the HyperRealism series from MGA Games, in which a new hypereal character design is used.

The slot is impressive not only with its high-quality graphics, but also a consistent load that allows you to play mobile games and run any game without affecting game opportunities.

The Dream3Team slot guarantees a breathtaking and unique experience that will transfer time player in the 80s and 90s with the best electronic music and distinguishing features of that era, including rubble cubes and classic cassettes.
The game also has three original mini-games based on each of the DJs, where they include parts of their live performances. These include guitar solo Tony Peret, the turntables of Tekhada Kika and the smoke car of Hosepa Mary Casteles.