In the Gambling Industry of Latvia in the first half of 2021, revenues fell by 26%, mainly due to the limitations associated with COVID 19.

According to the data published by the Ministry of Finance, the total income in the first six months amounted to 7 million euros, which is about 16 million euros below the income forecast during this period.

Signan Byrne, the Executive Director of Lottery Monitoring Inspectorate and Gambling, said:

“If we look at the results for six months, then in fact traditional gambling sites worked as a total of 16 days. This affects the general results. Of course, interactive gambling did not stop. Unlike last year, when interactive gambling was not offered for about two months, this year they worked without a break. From the results it is also seen that in fact overall income in six months received from interactive gambling “.

In Latvia, 17 outlets, 10 retail gaming rooms and a casino and 13 online casinos, in which more than 2,900 people work in the aggregate.

Arnis Nimes, a representative of the Latvian Business Association, said:

“The reason is that clients just lack. This trend with a significant reduction in customer has also started, I would say to a pandemic when the register of dedicated persons was introduced when the number of customers fell quite quickly by 20-25%. Then, of course, there was a pandemic, and it should be noted that since the middle of this year, those who have alimony debt fall into this registry, and this is about 40 thousand people, and this also leaves great influence. “.