Las Vegas Mayor opposed the 30-day closure of the casino and other secondary enterprises in the framework of the measures taken by the Governor of Nevada Steve Sisolak to stop the spread of death coronavirus.
The Mayor of Las Vegas Carolin Gudman said that in its city should be allowed to open restaurants, casinos and other entertainment establishments, since the city’s economy is highly dependent on tourism and from 40 million people who visit Las Vegas and the aforementioned objects every year.
Carolyn Gudman said during a performance before the city council of Las Vegas, which she believes that the state governor must reduce the duration of the closure of gambling establishments by two times. According to her, most people from 2.2 million people living in Las Vegas and its surroundings live from salary to salary and strongly depend on the city’s gambling institutions, which were ordered to close in the face of the global crisis COVID-19.
The number of cases of coronavirus in Nevada reached 154 with two registered deaths. Almost all patients who have given a positive result on a high-flowagious virus are located in the Las Vegas area.
According to the American Game Association, the 30-day closure of 219 commercial casinos in Nevada will lead to a loss of $ 4.7 billion as a result of the economic downturn. The closure of gambling institutions led to the fact that more than 205,000 employees were temporarily left without work.