Massachusetts students found how surely win the local lottery and recent studies prove that the Lottery Commission was also aware of the winning way.

Probably, the fact is that with great strength comes and great responsibility. While most students of the famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology used their powers for good, for example, to create medicines capable of fighting any virus, other businesswit, used their amazing mathematical abilities for the Massachusetts lottery lottery, earned millions of dollars in the course of study.

A few years ago, conducting research for a group project, a group of students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology realized that for several days, about once every three months, Massachusetts Cache Winfol became the most profitable lottery in the country, because of a peculiar division of the jackpot amount on smaller prizes if no one drank the whole jackpot. The genius of mathematics quickly discovered that if we buy tickets for a hundred thousand dollars on such days, it almost absolutely guarantees success. And the purchase of tickets by $ 600,000 guarantees 15-20 percent of profit from money attached to tickets.

When the jackpot rose to two million dollars, students bought tickets, dividing the winnings among themselves. But they decided not to dwell on the achieved and were so successful in their pursuit of money, which, ultimately, could throw their usual everyday affairs and hire investors to buy the required number of lottery tickets. Several other groups of people also tried to benefit from finding loopholes in the Massachusetts lottery, but the student approach remained the most successful and innovative. By 2005, the group earned almost 8 million dollars on its winning system, which led to the investigation from the Boston Glub newspaper. And by 2010 it became known how to win the whole jackpot for one single payment fee.

The report of the General Inspector Massachusetts reports more detailed information about their scheme, including the fact that the company belonging to the lottery knew about the trick of students and did nothing for several years to put this end. According to the report, such querious rules that allowed the group to buy hundreds of thousands of two-dollar tickets, made a lottery even more successful. Although the actions of students and were not illegal, the treasurer Stephen Grossman, who oversaw the lottery, eventually put this end.

The general inspector came to the conclusion that lottery officials did not receive personal benefits from ticket manipulations and, accordingly, there was no need to apply.

This is not the first case when the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was involved in the problems associated with money games. Ten years ago, students and professor were involved in a scandal with a mass count of cards in Las Vegas Casino.