Slots of the Swedish Studio Lady Luck Games have become available to EveryMatrix and all its partners through the Game Server RGSMATRIX.

EveryMatrix recently announced its investments in the Stockholm company, whose games attract the attention of both operators and players from the moment of their debut in 2019.

Slots, including Favorite Players Cuddles Royal, Valh̫ll РHall of the Slain, Quartz, Orango Tango and Spinjoy Society, are now available to more than 100 operators.

Eight aggregators will also have access to them, and players in more than 11 leading jurisdictions, as well as in the markets regulated by the Maltese Game Association, will be able to benefit from this fresh content.

Co-founder and CEO Lady Luck Games Mads Yorgensen said:

“RUGSMATRIX launch gives us instant access to a variety of new customers in various markets. Undoubtedly, it changes the rules of the game. The presence in our corner of the company with its reputation and experience is real help, and we are very excited about the prospect of what many new players will first try our slots “.

Representative of the company EVERYMATRIX said:

“Lady Luck Games produces high-quality content and has everything you need to succeed in this industry. Be the first place as an investor, and now how the distributor is very important for us, and we look forward to the results “.