The Japanese tourism agency stated that he moves down for nine months the deadline established for July 2021, to submit applications for the accommodation of complex resorts from the casino due to delays in the preparation and deterioration of the working conditions of operators caused by Pandemic COVID-19.

The Japanese government issued a license for three integrated resort from the casino and installed on April 28, 2022 by the new term submission of applications and plans for the development of interested cities. Among those who have shown interest include Yokohama, Tokyo, Osaka – the three largest cities of Japan, as well as small towns, including Nagasaki and Kakayama.

The government is considering integrated resorts, including casinos, outlets and hotels as an important means of supporting tourism, tax revenues and a local economy. His plans regarding resorts in the past prevented opposition from the public, fearing gaming addiction, and a scandal of bribery, which led to the arrest of a high-ranking deputy Tsukas Akimoto.

Foreign casino operators, which are expected to take part in the project, for example, from the US and Hong Kong, were also very affected by a pandemic that provoked a sharp reduction in the number of customers.