City Council of Yokohama on Tuesday, March 24, allocated 400 million. Japanese yen (about 3.6 million. dollars) for efforts to create an integrated resort with a casino within the city. Allocation of funds for urban propaganda events was part of the budget plan for 2020, which was previously discussed at the plenary meeting of the city council. This was reported by the regional GGRASIA news news.
As reported, last summer Yokohama announced that it would claim to build one of the three integrated resorts, which the Japanese government is going to resolve within its efforts to introduce gambling in a casino in larger multipurpose complexes. After the news that the second largest city of Japan participates in the race, many major casino operators awaiting expansion in Japan refused their former plans for the construction of luxury complex resorts in Osaka and focused their attention on finding development opportunities in Iokoham.
Earlier this month, the city released a draft of a comprehensive policy realization resort. The city authorities have started a public consultation in conjunction with the publication of the project, to find out how and whether to make any changes to it. Official policy implementation is expected to be completed by June. Then Yokohama launch a request for proposals process to find a private partner that will develop and operate an integrated casino resort, if the city will be entitled to its location.