David Johnson truck driver is a happiest man in Brooklyn, as I was able to win the Powerball Lottery in December 2018 $ 298.3 million. This is the third resident of New York, who threw a jackpot in Powerball. This writes CBS.
David Johnson, who is now 56 years old, arrived in New York with Jamaica when he was 16. Now he works as a driver in Iberia Foods. At the end of December 2018 he was punished, but still went to work. Since the morning, he refrain his truck on the gas station on Linden Lane, and there I purchased the Powerball lottery ticket for only 5 dollars. After changing, the future millionaire said that tomorrow will not be able to work due to illness.

Friend Johnson, also working as a driver, came the next day to the same gas station and found out that someone bought a lottery ticket, winning the jackpot. By phone, he told this news Johnson, but he could not even imagine that he won exactly the ticket that he had previously bought at the refueling.
A few days later, David Johnson drove to refueling and checked the ticket. When he learned that he won 298 million, he was joying to jump right in the store on the gas station and immediately decided that it would no longer work. After all taxes were paid, Johnson will receive $ 114 million. David Johnson said that now buy a big new home in Brooklyn for the whole family, and for myself a red car brand “Porsche”, which has long dreamed of.