At least 200 people have become infected with Norovirus after visiting the L’Auberge casino last weekend in the American city of Lake Charles. According to the Louisiana State Health Department, the outbreak of the virus is distributed in the parishes of Calcasiu and Vernon.

“People with Norovirus can easily spread the disease since the appearance of symptoms up to several days after recovery. Some people can continue to distribute Norovirus to three weeks. There are no drugs to prevent norovirus, so frequent hand washing – your best defense, “said Dr. Frank Welch, Director of Immunization Department of Health Department of Louisiana.

Norovirus is a very infectious disease of the gastrointestinal tract, a gastric virus that is easily transmitted from man to man. Often taken for gastric flu, norovirus is not related to influenza. People of all ages can be infected with a virus in several ways, including: having direct contact with a sick person, for example, causing him or sharing with him or dishes. Touch polluted surfaces, and then put your hands in your mouth. Consumption of contaminated food or water. The virus rarely threatens life, but it can lead to dehydration and even death of people with a weakened immune system. In the US, Norovirus raises an average of 570-800 deaths, 56 – 71 thousand hospitalizations.