Almost a year ago in the UK, it was proposed to introduce a ban on gambling with credit cards, which could be one of the largest gambling shocks over the past decade. After the pressure on the British government from Citizens Advice and GambleaWare to help people addressed to put more money than they could afford, the Government of Britain decided to introduce a ban on the use of credit cards for gambling, reports
It is reported to the UK’s gambling industry over the next 24 hours is ready to announce this ban and provide detailed information on new rules for the protection of people dependent on gambling. It is not yet known whether new legislation will provide a complete and total ban on gambling with credit cards or will only limit the amounts to which the client can bet.
Credit cards are regularly used for gambling in the UK, especially in gambling online, as well as in large casinos, poker rooms and bookmakers. Among the names of gambling companies that allow customers to make a deposit with a credit card, you can call such as Bet365, 888 and Betfair.