In the near future, the Government of Spain will launch a special program developed to combat gambling addiction among juvenile. The development of this program was initiated by the Spanish sports regulator La Liga.
As reported by Spanish media, developers and representatives of La Liga during the meeting discussed all the most important criteria for the implemented program to combat gambling addiction among children. The program will be able to identify the facts of developing gambling addiction among minors, helping children get rid of such a dependence. Also, the representative of the Spanish gambling regulator presented materials aimed at improving the quality of life and security for juvenile.
In addition, it is reported that in addition to the protection of juvenile Spaniards from gambling children, the developed program is aimed at combating contractual matches.
Recall that in Spain in 2018, the player’s face recognition technology was introduced into land and online casinos, which makes it possible to check the user without presenting a person certifying the identity. This technology allows you to identify criminals, as well as those people who were previously listed in the “black” list of gambling establishments.