Odessans accused of conducting illegal gambling business together with his relatives and other approximate persons.

Odessa’s regional prosecutor’s office completed the investigation, during which the fact of functioning of illegal casino was investigated. Materials in which 9 persons appear will go for consideration by the court.

The 48-year-old resident of Odessa caught fire the idea of ​​creating a shadow thematic business, to which 8 approximate. Together they opened 7 underground casinos throughout the region, where through the Internet it was possible to play slot machines through a specialized software. According to the investigation, more than 100 units of computer equipment and more than 120 thousand were confiscated from the halls. hryvnia revenue.

Earlier in Odessa news has already resonated themes of gambling. In particular, on May 26, it became known about organized by the 3rd Lottery Lottery Hall. With the difference in minutes, unknown personalities who hid their faces defeated the premises on the streets of the heroes of defense, Marseille and General Bocharov.

The Ministry of Finance Alexander Danilyuk about non-state lotteries was spoken up as illegal practice, according to the laws of 1012. Nevertheless, the planned profit from the legalization of lotteries has already been noted as part of the revenue budget for 2018.