The local equation association with the support of the WinneBagago tribe is trying to convey the initiative about the need for a referendum, as a result of which the work of the casino in Nebrask will be within the law.

Throughout the United States, questions about legitimizing the betting offices are raised everywhere. Nebraska asked the legal work of a more traditional gambling – casino.

Local Equestrian Association combines efforts with Winnebago tribal for a positive verdict on this issue. Such a partnership suggests that there will be slot machines in the territories of the hipodrome. Activists are planning to start collecting signatures in order to initiate a referendum in 2020, and there and decide: whether the residents of the legalization of gambling want themselves?

Since the inhabitants of Nebraski often go to other states and leave at the local casino-free casinos, it is not difficult to guess that the question in the referendum will rather be approved. So, in 4-5 hippodromes of Nebraska, branches of casino will open.

3 years ago, such an attempt was already undertaken, but 40 thousand. signatures were not enough. However, the initiative group intends to use a simplified system for collecting signatures to ensure success. According to rumors, the future project has already had potential investors.