Transport and Communication Agency of Finland, together with the police, wants to introduce a ban on any advertising of gambling, broadcast on radio and television. Taking into account the fact that the Finnish online gambling industry is jumped only by one legal company, this ban can seriously affect the development of gambling business in Finland. This is reported by the Slotegrator edition.Com.
Reportedly on May 24 in the Finnish transport and communications agency stated that they are planning together with law enforcement agencies to solve the issue in the country associated with the problems of gambling and prohibit all advertisements of illegal gambling operators on radio and television. It is also reported that this ban is supported by all Finnish authorities, noting that such an advertisement requires the same control as tobacco or alcohol advertising.
Note that in Finland there are strict laws against the gambling industry. Two years ago in this country there were only three companies with online games – this is VEIKKAUSOY, FINTOTOOY and RAY. Then they were combined into the state monopoly veikkaus. The Finnish government adopted this decision to prevent the increase in people in the country dependent on money games. Under the Finnish legislation, which was approved in the European Union, the work of the Internet casino from other countries is prohibited in the country.