It often happens that users online automata during the game are beginning to focus on anything, only not at the payback of invested funds. We all know that the size of the return is the percentage of funds made by the players who pay the casino within the framework of the winnings. Thus, the higher this indicator, the better for visitors. Of course, the high ratio ratio does not yet guarantee you victory, because the distribution of return tools is calculated in the long run. But, nevertheless, you have a very real chance to leave the game the winner from time to time.

The researchers found that the final amount of return largely depends on how long a person plays an average. Machines with low return rates imply large chances of getting small payments, but in the process of playing them harder to earn a jackpot. In the slots, with greater return, large payments occur more often, however, and lose the round sum here much faster. In the short term, these factors are much more affected by the outcome of the game, rather than the established total interest payments, which are subject to a certain temporary framework.

Researchers also note that many gamers are too fond of the process itself, so they fully feel happy and satisfied if they have the opportunity to spend more time in the game, even if they do not benefit almost nothing. This factor is used by the owners of the casino.

In particular, players are often pleased with the illusion of winnings, not delight in details. So, on modern online slots, winning combinations drop out about every third rotation. But the entire catch is that the size of the won in most cases will hardly exceed the amount of rates. Thus, the balance of the player just slowly goes down.

Never forget about the root cause of any game – Won. The issue of maximum return should always stand for you in the foreground, including when choosing a slot on which you are going to play. Always give preference to those windows where you promises a greater chance to win in large, and not where you will have the opportunity to gradually and slowly lose all your money.

Purely from a psychological point of view, many players choose slots with a low level of return only because they want to protect themselves from the prospect of once to see the whole deposit. But the game on such machines only gives the visibility of the safety of funds, because of it you can hardly get out the winner. What then is the meaning?